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How could I refuse?

As you will know, if you’ve read bits of this blog before, I do like the odd “odd” wagon, particularly those advertising ones. I don’t know why, they’re not particularly realistic. I think they just remind me of my childhood flicking through catalogues imagining I had anything more than thruppence to spend (the tooth fairy in my house hadn’t heard of decimalisation and used to leave thruppences. If we were lucky, Dad would change it into a 20p piece the next morning.)

The good thing is, basing your railway on a fictitious island, I can do and run whatever I please and the river counters haven’t got a leg to stand on.

Anyway, a few weeks back on eBay I found these two.

The Worthington wagon is a Grafar from back in the days when they ventured beyond N gauge.

The Yorkshire Pudding Co one, well how could I refuse?!