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Hay making

Well the sun was shining…

The silence over the last few weeks has been unfortunate but as we are heading towards the month when Sweet Pea (Mini-me2) is due, I have been quite preoccupied with getting Mini-me’s new room ready so his old room can be the spare oom and the current box room can have Sweet Pea in it. So I have not been idle. 

However, this evening, after carting all the bits of an IKEA bed upstairs for the new spare oom, I noticed how nice the evening sun looked on the lawn which I cut yesterday. This spurred me into a quick half hour of activity to finish the trailer to go with the tractor that Sweet Pea will give to Mini-me when it (gender unknown) arrives at the end of next month*. 

So here it is. Now complete, in all its glory. I’m quite pleased with the result. I hope Mini-me will be too. 


*Given t’missus currently walks round the house saying “get out you parasite” and other such terms of endearment, and has now taken to drinking raspberry tea (and one can only assume will start eating curries too), the end of next month is only a guess and I think one of us would like it out sooner than that.