Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

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I decided I’d go upmarket in my scribbles. Following demolishing a brick gatepost (deliberately), filling the resulting hole with concrete, and discovering the reason why a radiator in the house leaked was because it gave the appearance of NEVER having had any PTFE or other plumbing compound on the threads, and then rectifying the matter, I was able to spend a few minutes doing a scribble on my tablet. 

When I bought my tablet I made sure I got one that could run AnyRail. This may seem a daft reason on which to base the buying of technology but it was one way to sort the wheat from the chaff. 

If you’ve never tried AnyRail I’d recommend you have a go. Even the trial version, which I’m currently running until my pockets get shallower or my arms longer, will allow you to put 50 items on your chosen layout which is plenty for a tail chaser for a small boy. It’s very easy to use and the results are satisfying. It has layers a la CAD programmes and you can put gradients in if you so wish along with all your electrical jiggery-pokery. It also has “user libraries” where enthusiastic members of the public have added libraries of objects, such as all those Metcalfe card kits. 

I intend to use it to design the Magnus opus, Penlowry. In the mean time, this is all good practice and JGF. 


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Monumental milestone time. I have decided Mini-me the elder needs a model railway. He has a tendency to stick gerfingerpoken right where I don’t want them so I hope this will:

A) provide him with something to play with and keep him happy;

B) keep him from playing with my stuff; 

C) give me a test track longer than 18″ to test my kit on; and

D) enable a smooth transition one day of the Brio from the Elder to the Younger Mini-me. 

I have been scribbling on the 6′ x 4′ concept. Not totally sold on that as there will need to be an element of portability about this. We shall see. The diagonal line in the middle is an airfield and with a road too I hope it will be a multi modal toy and won’t just be considered another train set. 

I have acquired a certain E2 0-6-0T in bright blue and matching 4 wheeled carriages, if you get my drift…

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It’s what you do to the opposition supporters when their team gets lets than 61 in an innings. 

But I digress. I have put the roof on the pavilion. 

Here you can see my technique of using a bog standard graphite pencil to colour cardboard. 

This includes the ridge line, the edges of the cardboard and under the eaves. 

At the top of this photo you can see the edge coloured, and at the bottom, that which isn’t, and I’m sure you’ll agree it looks better coloured. 

In this photo you can see under the porch and can see the difference the bare cardboard makes compared to under the eaves which is. I forgot you’d see it all until I had it stuck on. Hopefully with the roof so low, no one will notice once it’s found its home on the layout. 

I quite like the saggy roof at the front as if thereof can’t hold the weight of the  dormer roof. Accidentally done but it’s staying. 

Next stop will be the flashing for the dormer roof, which you may remember (I know it was a long time ago) was what this sequence of posts was all about. After that it will be guttering and weathering. 


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Tools of the trade

I’ve finally managed to snatch an hour for modelling. This is what comes of being on paternity leave. Although the hour didn’t start until gone 10pm so it’s not as if I’ve got my feet up while on leave. 

Having procured the necessary I have completed the wedding scene for my pavilion. I decided on a wedding as the post wedding booze, food, and speeches when I tied the knot with T’missus was carried out in a cricket pavilion. 

As with much modelling, it is all about creating an illusion. On my earlier posts about the tractor for Mini-me, some of the stickers on it were white not yellow but by putting the white on a yellow background you can fool the eye into seeing what isn’t there. It may or not have fooled you, unless you were looking closely. 

From my point of view, if it looks ok, I’m happy. I’m not going to push for perfection. (I read a blog recently where someone debated for a while whether to cope with the fact his model was 0.5mm out. Really? Who was going to notice except him? Each to their own I suppose, but that isn’t me.)

The wedding scene is in the pavilion to stop it looking empty, although with the roof on it will be fairly dark so you probably won’t see much. 

That being the case, the people (with the exception of the happy couple) do not have the best paint jobs ever being bought ready painted from eBay and then touched up with felt tips by me (yes felt tips!), but I’m guessing once complete it won’t be noticeable. The happy couple by the way are Preiser HO scale using the best man as the groom (since I wasn’t in top hat and tails) and ditching the rather pontiff looking priest. 

While sticking the people down (gel superglue so it didn’t run, since you ask) I needed something under the floor to give me support as the floor is raised. Living in York as I do, there was some Yorkist confectionary around so a quick shortening of the fingers (not wasted) and there was my support tool ready to go. 

I had intended to nibble said confectionary item while waiting between batches of people (having a break…) but since that was not possible I just had to comfort myself with a bottle of Purple Moose Ysgawen instead. Cheers!