Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

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A fall from grace

When I was at Newcastle there was a model shop in town I used to visit fairly regularly. It had some stuff competitively priced. I picked up an N gauge German Pacific for a song and set about turning it into a South African NG something or other. 

In reality the chassis isn’t really suitable but for the purpose of learning model making it was an interesting exercise. 

The tender is as I imagined NG15 134 of the WHR’s tender would look like, 

The boiler is a bit of brass tube cut with a saw at one end and opened out to make a firebox. 

The cylinders were fabricated around the existing N gauge ones. 

And I even managed to make a dummy outside frame for the trailing truck. 

It would work well as a 3’6″ gauge loco on N gauge track and that certainly is the look I have managed (accidentally) to achieve with that smokebox door looking rather North-British-esque.