Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

Ready for the new year

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Modelling has been at a complete standstill over the last couple of weeks and won’t change for a little while. In the meantime I have been doing some interesting reading from a book with pictures such as this:

I’ve had a work trip which took me to this:

Which allowed me to see some of these still on the national network:

And views like:

This was a trip on the North Eastern round robin so I got this view at Newcastle:

In the course of the last year this blog has been read from 60 different countries which is an honour to have people reading from so many corners of the globe. Below is the top ten countries list. 

 I hope you all had a good Christmas which didn’t involve too many “Trains” books from the bargain bookshops as presents. I hope you all have a good New Years Eve whatever that involves (from a party to a quiet whisky and a good book). 

Next year there are exciting plans afoot which may well result in more action and less talking. I will reveal all in the new year. 


Author: Chris H

Having now officially reached middle age, I am a rolling stock engineer and have worked in many different locations including a 7 year spell in Sydney, Australia, where I arrived with a suitcase and left with a wife and a son. I am now based back in my home county of Yorkshire where I juggle full time work, being a Dad to two rascally mini-mes, and trying to fit in railway modelling, assisting the GWR 1014 County of Glamorgan project, and visits to the top left hand corner of Wales. In addition to my heavily railway themed life, I am interested in rugby, cricket, reading crime novels, falconry, and medieval re-enactments.

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