Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

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Quiet but not idle

The life of a consultant sometimes can be detrimental to progress in other areas. 

In this case, instead of specifying my railway, I’m currently spending a lot of time in London writing technical specifications for new trains. It is what I’m good at, and I enjoy doing it so I can’t complain. 

In the odd times I have been back home, however, I have made progress with the MiniMes’ layout, much to their delight, including completing track laying and building a Superquick platform with MiniMe the elder. So I am now under increasing pressure from a couple of small tour de forces to get it finished. Next job is to complete the wiring up and then finish the – basic – scenery. 

If it looks as if Toby is in dire peril, the board is to be placed on the floor and slid under the bed of MiniMe the elder so derailment won’t mean catastrophe. 

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Internal combustion

The way my mind works sometimes…Quite why settling on cars was so important now I have no idea. 

Having decided on 1948ish, it occurred to me that although I knew quite a lot about what was happening in the aircraft industry at this time (well military anyway) I know next to nothing about what was happening with the automotive industry. Fortunately I have found one or two sites which are idea for the total beginner like me to get my head around what should go on my layout. One thing I am aware of at least it whatever i put on it should be not a lot. Post war was still a time when the police and the doctor might have a car but out in the rural lands that might be it (maybe the vicar if he could afford it). There would be one or two commercial vehicles and military. 

Probably the most famous car to be “born” in 1948 was the 2CV which was unveiled at the Paris motor show in November of that year. So even that is too modern for the layout. 

Pre WW2 TPV (2CV concept car) (c) Klaus Nahr

So having passed the E-type on to the Mini-mes to go on their layout (more on that later) I’m now working out what I should have on Penlowry. 

1st gen 2CV of 1949

This is a good source of info I found: 

Also being able to filter the Oxford diecasts website by Era makes it all the more easy to see what’s available. 

So soon I shall be talking of Ford Anglias and Humber Snipes and making the Patriarch go all misty eyed remembering his youth.