Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

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Awning chasm

Continuing my occasional look at reality being stranger than fiction… While on the train the other day, I noticed the awning at Newark Northgate. I presume  it was originally the same height all the way round and was modified as part of the electrification of the East Coast Mainline to ensure adequate clearance for the spaghetti. 

Another one for the files of “if you did that in a model people would think you’d made a mistake.”
And since this post only has one picture, here’s a free one of an IEP Virgin Azuma on test at York. 

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A matter of circumference

Having got the unpainted milk wagons I’ve set about making the transfers for them. 

I’ve dismantled the tankers and got them ready for painting. In sizing the transfers I could, and perhaps should, have measured the diameter and then a quick pi x d and got the circumference and then reduced it by the amount not needed for the underneath. 

But being lazy, I wrapped a piece of paper round the tank, marked the size, measured it, and reprinted the transfers on a piece of paper to test the size, cut them out, and lo and behold they fitted. 

Back in my youth I’d have made a right maths exercise out of it with angles and whatnot, but honestly, I haven’t the time, and the only person I know who’d still do that now would be the Patriarch. He’d probably be really disappointed I didn’t do the maths. And probably just as disappointed about starting the sentence above with “but”. Not to mention “and” in the last sentence. 

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Siphon T

“What’s a siphon T?” I hear you ask. It doesn’t exist I say. It stands for Siphon (Track).

In my idle doddling I get to do sitting in front of my computer I thought I’d look at colouring my Dapol track cleaner. Mine is the usual garish blue.

When I was planning the original Penlowry, it would have formed part of the tech centre fleet so I had procured the vinyls from Electra Graphics for the RTC red / blue mock livery.

However, neither that nor the blue are quite right for late 1940s Cambrian… The vehicle is never going to be a scale model or look exactly like a particular vehicle but I thought if at least I could get rid of the garish blue it wouldn’t be quite such an eye sore.

I have therefore sketched up some Siphon sides using pictures off the interweb of siphon models. The “G” and “W” are further apart than they should be but if they were where they should be they’ll be in the vacuum grille area so I used artistic licence and moved them. I’ll add a grey roof and some ends and at least then it won’t be such a blue beacon. Printed out onto vinyl inkjet paper and fixed with vinyl fixative it should do the job.

Siphon picture2