Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

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All been a bit quiet here recently. In the workshop side, the milk tanks are painted and ready for the decals to go on and I just need some time to do so. 

While on the train to London on Thursday I saw something I thought was long gone. Yes there are plenty of crossings with proper gates on the railway, but on the premier mainline of Great Britain, surely not? But yes there is. Woodcroft Road, near Etton, just north of Peterborough. Not only is it a proper old fashioned gated crossing but it spans 5 tracks (Up slow, Up fast, Down fast, followed by a 10 foot that is considerably more than 10 feet wide, Up Stamford, Down Stamford / Down slow). 

Speed limit would appear to be 110mph as measured by my phone as I returned to York. 

Here it is as I viewed it on Thursday evening. And also here are a couple of shots from Google maps. 

Now I’ve got a real hankering to go and visit it.