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5000 miles in 11 days

Well b*gger all on the modelling front recently except a trip to Harburn Hobbies for a poke around the other day.

I have been doing a piece of work for a project which has involved me travelling around the country, mainly on East and West Coast mainlines. By the time I finish tomorrow night I’ll have done 5000 miles.

While I’m not modelling I thought I’d shove some pictures up to keep you all entertained.

First up, the 67 that pushed me from Chester to Manchester in a Mk3, courtesy of Arriva Trains Wales.

Edinburgh tram.

I’m a tram, what d’ya want me to do? Hedge-hop?

Caley 92.

The first stage of my Caledonian sleeper journey with the very apt Sir William Stanier FRS on the tail.

DRS at Crewe.

The Newcastle bridges with Metro train

Camouflaged. Or maybe not.

Who set off without removing the scotch then?! (Or was it the Scotch the night before?!) A great bit of detritus to model.

And finally

Sunset on the Tweed.

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Pill boxes

Well I, like many others, have had / have got the cold / cough from hell. This has necessitated much off the shelf pharmaceutical products and not much relief. It has also left me with barely the energy to do all things I’m supposed to do and when I’ve finished them I just want to go to bed.

However, things are slowly improving and the other night while t’missus was out, I knocked up some Metcalfe pill boxes. My theory is that because Penlowry lies to the sea side of RAF Llanbedr, it would have had its fair share of pill boxes to protect the airbase and the layout depicting 1947-49, they would be pretty much intact.

As per all metcalfe kits, they go together like a dream. The only change I made was where there is a guide line to glue the inner roof to the outer, I turned the outer roof over to get the weathered edge (laser cut edge) uppermost as I think that looks better.

With some bedding in to surrounding scenery I think they’ll really look the part.