Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

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All very holey

With the sides gluing, I got on with the ends of the railcar Ashover coach bits. I wanted doors in these so used my now usual technique of using a mill drill to open out one of the windows and then a file to clean it up.

Top is one of the ends after mill-drilling our and bottom is the finished result.

Next it’s back to the bus bodies…

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In the Shambles

Having got MiniMe2’s birthday party out of the way, complete with engineered cake (windmill this time), I managed to get some time in at the modelling desk.

As suggested in my last post about the railcar, there was going to be a fair amount of butchery and sure enough there was!

In the next part of my slow reveal of my plans, here you can see I’ve hacked the tie bars off, but kept them as I have a use for them on the finished model, and cut each side in half.

After a bit of cleaning up, the sides were stuck back together the other way round with the door in the middle.

And the Shambles? For those that know their York history, the Shambles was the butchers’ street and many of the shops still have their hooks and “Shammels” – wide window sills to display the meat on.

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The day job

Well modelling has been at a standstill for a bit. The day job has taken up so much time recently that all good plans have come to a halt.

However, the day job has been interesting with looking at challenging standards and now evaluating train specifications so not all bad.

I thought I’d give this update with this picture I took yesterday at Kings Cross. It’s the first IEP I’ve seen (except in artists impressions) without the yellow nose.

This is a standard which needed challenging. A yellow front end makes sense when a diesel or electric is surrounded by steam locos drowning out the noise it makes and when the lamps are not much better than an oil lamp but with today’s high intensity headlights and a much quieter railway, the need is long gone. (As an aside, you may be aware that to run on the mainline, until recently, steam locos had to prove why they didn’t need a yellow front end. The derogation motivation given for Tornado is worth a read – basically it’s bloody noisy!)

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Cut deep

The idea is to make the railcar look like something totally different from everything else running – the new dawn.

To do that I need to use the Burlingham Seagull buses I got.

They were dismantled in the usual way by drilling out the rivets and then emptying he insides. I may use some of the seats from the bus in the railcar – another part I’m undecided on.

The buses were then cut with a bandsaw across the middle. This isn’t the end of the cutting process but it is definitely the most dramatic!

Next stage – more cutting!!

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First sod

So we’ve begun. The first part of the railcar was to remove some of the features that make it easier to make – I know how crazy am I!

The easiest method I’ve found of removing excess material without filing myself into boredom is to use an end mill in my pillar drill with the depth stop set so I can’t drill through the plastic. Not the highest quality engineering but very effective.

What this earlier picture also shows is that from the inside, the window apertures are actually quite small. That is no good for my idea so I opened them out again using the same technique.

They still need some tidying up and I am as yet undecided whether to get rid of all the pillars and make a whole new window ladder.

Next post will particularly not be the one for diecast model collectors – you have been warned!

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Just because…

I was at York on Monday morning awaiting a 45 down 0930 Up train to KGX which was stuck behind a queue of trains all getting delayed because of yet another signalling / points failure at Darlington.

In platform 7 was the white IEP set on test. Then in came a IC225 set into 6 to form the 1002 stopper to KGX

Then into 3 cake the late running 0900 to KGX formed of an HST. Too good to miss, here are three generations of ECML traction lined up. Shame there wasn’t a Deltic of A4 to complete the picture.

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I know, I know, have a big gasp. While I was “watching” A bit of the World Cup, I sketched the ideas out and had a check through the stuff.

I’m still not totally convinced about the shorty chassis tbh but we’ll wait and see on that.

However, I did get to work out the cuts on the Ashover body. Basic sketching I know but based on the last lot of planning this is a massive improvement.

For present I’m keeping the bus hacking under wraps as it’s quite critical and also says a lot about the finished product so I might wait until I’ve done it / b*ggered it right up before I show you.

When I get some time without being too knackered (heat and small active boys are not a good combination), I’ll get cutting.