Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

New year interlude

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Yes I’m having a breather from the practical while I do planning for the Square and reading a weighty tome about the Ffestiniog pre-preservation locomotives (along with most people interested in the FR!)

I have also been working on what the new office will look like as, unlike the current abode, I want to have it planned and then executed rather than having it formed over time with trial and error.

A discussion on the 009 modellers group on Facebook about Geoghegan’s locomotives at the Guinness Brewery and the practicality of building one in 009 attracted my attention. I’ve always loved that railway and those locos are an ingenious piece of design work.

A working model I imagine will be possible but a tad tricky (the new Bachmann Quarry Hunslet when it appears may provide a suitable chassis).

However I do have a static model in my collection. This was built by a prolific modeller who, in his will, donated all his models to the Ffestiniog Railway Society. In time the FR and WHR models will appear on display but the others were sold to generate funds. To say this gentleman was an artist is to underestimate his considerable talent.

I dug this model out to get these photos to add to the discussion which reminded me to put it in my display case (which already has a position on the wall in the new office!)

Author: Chris H

Having now officially reached middle age, I am a rolling stock engineer and have worked in many different locations including a 7 year spell in Sydney, Australia, where I arrived with a suitcase and left with a wife and a son. I am now based back in my home county of Yorkshire where I juggle full time work, being a Dad to two rascally mini-mes, and trying to fit in railway modelling, assisting the GWR 1014 County of Glamorgan project, and visits to the top left hand corner of Wales and Beamish. In addition to my heavily railway themed life, I am interested in rugby, cricket, reading crime novels, falconry, and medieval re-enactments.

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