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Sleeping on the job

One of the skills I want to practice by building the Leven Canal diorama is scratch built track. It makes sense to c0ck this up on a diorama where nothing will move than on a proper piece of track first up.

Fortunately the Patriarch’s old stuff included copper clad strip as he was a bit of a dab hand and this.

In researching how the track should look I dig up some very useful PWay drawings on this website which included a drawing of NER interwoven sleepers on the S&C.

I therefore spent a quiet lunchtime gluing sleepers to the track diagram which in turn had been glued to the plywood board which I’m using to form the trackbed. I knocked up a quick handheld spaced job to keep the sleeper spacing something like equal. The glue is all temporary as I’ll lift it all back off again once soldered, paint the board and then mount it all properly.

Hopefully I’ve managed to get something of the interwoven sleepers looking right.



Well it was bound to happen following my earlier post.

Actually, it’s not as nuts as it seems. Yes, I have had practice in hacking die-cast buses about to make rail vehicles. However, there are lots of other things I want to practice and this seems quite a good way of doing it without b*ggering up Penlowry.

I want to use this as an opportunity to practice track building, wheel turning, and scenery making, particularly water. A nice little back burner project that I can fiddle about with when I’ve got 5 minutes here and there.

In other news, I do like collecting interesting sheds – great prototype inspiration. Here is a cracking example from the weekend. This is the back of the sheds but from the front it looks like there are still in use.