Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

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In business again

So my thumb is healed, the creator of the thumb incident has left the building and it’s time to get going again.

What I need to do to cut plastic without attempting to cut my digits was to fit a decent rip fence to my bandsaw. Doing so was a bit of a palaver as the picture below shows as I had to clamp the drill in place on the saw table bed to drill the holes. You’re going to tell me I could have taken the table off and you’re quite right. I could. But I didn’t.

The other problem of course is that the table is aluminium as is the bed so I had to source some aluminium nuts and bolts. Fortunately I found some from a car maintenance website and the nuts were nylocks which was an added bonus.

With it all bolted together and the scales added, we are in business.

To clear some space for the continued build of the Square I decided it really was time to put the Bulldog back together, particularly as the transfers and plates can be done with the loco complete. Proof, for anyone else contemplating it, that you can use a Bachmann 32xx/90xx Earl/Dukedog chassis and a K’s Bulldog kit to create a Bulldog that will pass muster.

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A day with MiniMes

Well a Happy Fathers Day to all dads and father figures.

Apart from my MiniMes giving me this card (thanks lads) I spent some of the morning with them painting a BR tail lamp I’ve got for my office (every office needs one you know).

It was a proper eBay bargain (unlike some of the comedy ones labelled as such, but no where near, or my favourite “RARE” when there’s 20 odd on sale).

The lamp’s bottom had rotted out so its lost the air holes at the bottom but apart from that is in good shape with secondary bottom in, reflector still inside and the red lens complete (no I won’t be shining it out of the window, what would the neighbours think?!)

Given it’s total lack of value I thought it’d be a nice project for me and the MiniMes so having spent some time cleaning it up over the last week or so we cracked open the white paint.

Once I’d persuaded no.1 not to use so much paint and no.2 that the red lens didn’t need paint on it, it went ok. It will need sanding back and a top layer putting on, along with a clean up of the glasses and lens but I just loved the amount the boys wanted to help.

Roll on the next joint project.