Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

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How much can you take?

Well Sunday was a bit mad wasn’t it? It was like going back to my youth turning the volume on the telly down and that on Test Match Special up.

Sunday was also the day of the big office move – well the railway bit of it. I’m the first to admit that I was having a right struggle with baseboards just when Morgan decided to get out and leave England at 85-4 so I decided to turn the radio off to concentrate on the railway. One stress at a time thank you!

However after months of planning, wallpaper stripping, plastering, painting, and more planning, the office area is now complete as is the main baseboard.

There is still the workbench to do and the fiddle yard to erect but the latter can definitely wait awhile. The former needs doing pronto so my old office can be turned into the spare room ready for t’missus’ family when they stay at the end of Sept.

in amongst all that, Warley is coming up in November and I’ve not forgotten my promise! Time to get on with the Square!

And thank goodness England won the cricket.

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Nothing to see here

The world seems to have gone mad. My world anyway. Which means not much time for anything for a long time.

But I did manage to get to try the new fence on the bandsaw the other day and start cutting out Earl of Merioneth shaped sides.

Here’s one being glued. The title of this post isn’t really a joke!

The good thing is that the side seems to have confirmed I got the stretching dimensions right. Phew! Might get a chance to do the other side soon.