Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

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Well last weekend at Warley was great fun. Unfortunately Tanybwlch developed a short the morning of the set up which was not resolved until Monday morning… Even changing the top end point and setting up a P-way scene didn’t improve matters but did look good with all trains reducing speed for the TSR over the point. The short also meant we had to run Tanybwlch and Penrhyn as separate layouts.

However we just assumed that a lightning strike had taken out the signalling and commenced wrong line running for up trains.

With the mighty blue Square parked in the siding there was always plenty of people deciding whether they liked it or not.

Busta had its debut and my Baldwin 778 had a good run. Later on 590 turned up. The disco car had a couple of trips up the line and we borrowed Gowrie from Llantrevelyn just to ensure the rivet counters couldn’t rest easy..!! The Square had a quick photo shoot at Llantrevelyn in return.

I may have invested in the new Peco Bass van to ensure everyone always has sufficient beverages. I was tempted by the Colman’s mustard one but I can’t see a small branch line to a copper mine on a small island ever getting through that much mustard!

It was great to meet and talk to so many people that read this blog.

One excellent conversation I had was with Mr Kato himself who came to visit the layout and I talked to him about the forthcoming Fairlie. It is clear the bodyshell on the Kato stand should not be taken as representative of anything they will produce as we had a good conversation about the differences in length of the various locos, about whether to use two motors or one, about how the EDM models 3D print is put together, about the old Langley kit, and about the differences in building for one offs and building for production. All of which he videoed and took photos which is a great way for him to be able to record and take note of the conversations he was having.

It is probable that Kato have got too excited in showing the Fairie body and the England loco which was on the Peco stand, neither of which were really ready for public deep dive scrutiny but the mechanism obviously was to the usual Kato standard as it ran all weekend. Unlike others I was not disappointed in the bodyshells as being an engineer I understand the idea of a prototype- I think it is highly probable we just never see early prototypes from other manufacturers so it was refreshing to see such things. I was slightly disappointed that when I asked Peco about whether it would be a long or short Fairlie (this was before the chat with Mr Kato) the response was “well it’s always a compromise and the difference isn’t that noticeable” – actually anyone who does 009 will tell you it is very noticeable so we will wait and see on that. I have more faith in Kato on this than Peco.

Following the weekend, ideas have been flying around to make the Tanybwlch and Penrhyn layouts bigger and better so hopefully when it has its next outing it will be easier to operate, more realistic, and even more fun. JGF.

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A big Square blob of Marmite

Off to Warley we go.

Unfortunately the chassis had too many issues to rectify in time so the model will have to appear in the sidings at Tan-y-Bwlch. The current chassis will form the basis of the learning for chassis number 2 but I don’t think it will survive in its current form.

Do come and say hello if you’re at Warley this weekend. In the meantime here’s the finished article. Not for everyone but… ❤️


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Going grey

Well we’re into last minute panic season again. As regular listeners will recall with 121 the disco-Carr’s debut, there were many late nights in the run up.

Same again with the Square. I did predict two years ago I’d need some last minute panic to get it finished and how right we are.

This is not being helped by a sudden flurry on the work front which has seen me go to London three days last week, same again this week (Digital Railway steering board today – Us exemplarferroequinologists know a thing or two about digital railways*), and probably the same again next week. I’ve not really even had time for blogging despite having had a week off in Devon where we took the MiniMes to see Minehead and Woody Bay (that latter not on a running day).

The chassis is being a sod but I shouldn’t really expect anything else since I’m designing something to replicate what is a tricky design anyway.

On the bodywork front we are going great guns though with the primer and a coat of black applied to give me the base for the colour. And as we all know, the Square looks great in black!

Hopefully the next post will see the chassis resolved and the loco painted. Or it might even be on the day of Warley, depending on time permitting.

*probably not.