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Platform gaps and other stories

There’s always the old adage that if you look about you’ll always find the justification for the setting on your model railway when it’s out of the ordinary. Here’s a couple. 

For example, say you need low relief housing but can’t put it up against the backscene? No problem, here’s one in York. Presumably this is back to back housing with one half knocked down.

Low relief house prototype

Ridiculously small radius curves making the platform gaps look huge? Here’s the platform gap at Scarborough.

Scarborough Platform gap

I’d just been doing a piece of work the other week building a platform gap calculator model in Excel (to work out where it was acceptable to put a new station for an existing railway in London) so this was quite interesting.

It made me wonder why they were using platform 5 at Scarborough (the one with the tightest curve) when they have 5 to choose from and only use 2 at any one time. If it’s not out of standards it is ever so close (Railway Group Standards say maximum horizontal gap is 250mm, maximum vertical is 150mm, and maximum diagonal is 350mm).

Finally and a slight trumpet blow which I’m not prone to but I am quite proud of this one. After a 9 month application process some people have decided I need a jacket with leather arm patches. To say nothing of the pipe. Which for the next month is great because apparently until the 6th of April I’m still a young member.



OK, I will get back to the model scene setting soon I promise!