Chronicling the development of my Cambrian and Narrow Gauge 4mm scale model railway

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I’ve got the power

Well I’m pleased to report that all went well.

I included the idea that Boston Largs Works uses to have a false ceiling to keep everything square and am using the veroboard in that vein. The power pack is now ready to be inserted into the van and the final connector wiring sorted.


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Back to school

I haven’t done this for a while but today I printed out a veroboard plan and set about designing the board for the battery pack. I am incorporating a switch so that I don’t need to unplug the van from the coach every time I want to turn the battery off.

I am thinking of incorporating a technique I developed when I designed remote condition monitoring equipment for rolling stock where the lid held the “gubbins” and the box was simply a shroud. This means that when you take the lid off the gubbins becomes very accessible.

Now to get the soldering iron out.

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Long process

Having decided the mk1 colour was no good I moved to mk2. This is FR Victorian purple but again it was the wrong colour.

Sanded back I tried again.

Still not convinced. It looks a muddy brown. Will see when it dries properly.

I have got a plan D. I may be forced to use it.

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No soup in sight

While still waiting for the electronics gubbins of 59 van I made a start on painting. The paint I used was Phoenix Paint’s David Lloyd George red. This was before Phoenix became Precision or vice versa. Either way, it isn’t but I knew that when I bought it. It is actually on the way to being Mersin Emrys purple/red which is good news for me as it would work for 59 van.

However, one coat in and it is definitely way too brown. It will need a sand down and a mix of something to get the colour a bit nearer to what I want. I think I may need to experiment a bit more before round 2.

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Filling the cracks

With the stuff ordered for the battery pack, I decided I’d better accelerate things by getting the body ready for painting. Despite my usual use of epoxy based filler, this time I used Humbrol aerobic filler as I had some handy. With a bit of water to ease the flow it filled the cracks admirably.

With it sanded down (and some corner bracing added now space isn’t so much of a premium) the body can go to the paint shops.

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Lose some

As I said in a previous post, you win some, lose some. In this case it’s the battery. Despite my best efforts I can’t make the 9v battery fit even if I use Boston Largs Works trick of a beer can (but at least there was some enjoyment in finding out).

In pursuing the internet for an alternative I came across a car modifiers’ page where the subject came up with the idea of using 3x 3V CR2032 batteries. So that is the new plan. A bit of GCSE Electronics (I got a C if you must know) stripboard soldering and I should have a solution.

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Battery box

Don’t worry, I’m not normally in the habit of using a remote control as a modelling tool but it was the right size to rest the sides of the van on while it set square.

Now to work out how to fit the sole bars to enable the battery to fit inside.